Yes, I’m an Angry White Lady

So I received a comment from a “friend” that I get far too angry about things I have no control over. Things I can’t change, as just one person. My question for them is this… When is a good time to get angry? Really, that is not a rhetorical question…I’d like to hear the answer.

When an unarmed black teenager gets shot and killed for being outside at night while wearing a hoodie, while a black woman get 20 years for firing warning shots to protect herself from her abuser, that makes me angry.

When women are prevented from accessing safe, LEGAL abortions or even affordable contraception by religious zealots, that makes me angry.

When women who are survivors of rape or incest are told that their resulting pregnancy is a “gift from god”, that makes me angry.

When we are told we don’t have the right to know what’s in our food, but the government has control over the contents of our uteruses, that makes me angry.

When people are discriminated against and kids are dying because of who they love, that makes me angry.

When a member of upper management at a non-profit agency cares more about the bottom-line than they do about the people the agency is supposed to be supporting, that makes me angry.

For me personally, when I was told that my rape on December 9th, 2011 wasn’t really rape but just “rough sex” because I had had a glass of wine, that made me angry. And when my rapist had ZERO consequences for what he did to me, that made me angry, too.

So really… WHEN would be a good time to get angry?

And as for one person not being able to make a difference? We have to start SOMEWHERE. People have to start giving a damn about other people and things, whether or not they directly involve themselves.  Too many people just turn the other way when they are aware of an injustice.  Is that really who we want to be?  Is that who we want to raise our kids to be?


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